Site safety training programs & seminars 

First Aid / CPR

 Workplace First Aid, CPR, and AED courses

OSHA requires that employees be given a safe and healthy workplace that is reasonably free of occupational hazards.  However, it is unrealistic to expect accidents not happen.  Therefore, employers are required to provide medical and first aid personnel and supplies in their workplace.

Our instructor has been certified in FirstAid/CPR/AED American Red Cross and American Heart Association life saving techniques.  We will teach you and help you to remember valuable life saving skills so that you or your employees will know what to do if an emergency occurs.  Training meets OSHA First Aid Guidelines and Emergency Cardiovascular Care 2000 Guidelines. Written exams provide documentation and measure learning, so instructors can review topics when necessary to ensure thorough training.

We provide the following classes:

Adult CPR/FirstAid/AED

Gain knowledge and skills necessary to prevent, recognize, and provide basic care for injuries and sudden illnesses until advanced medical personnel arrive and take over.  This course covers first aid, adult CPR, and use of an Automated External Defibrillator, or AED. 

Focuses on typical automated external defibrillator (AED) equipment, this course features hands-on simulation, lectures, and live and video demonstrations.

Adult, Infant and Child CPR with First Aid

This course trains individuals to become familiar with how to recognize and care for victims of illness and sudden injuries, to overcome any reluctance to act in emergency situations, and to recognize and care for life-threatening respiratory of cardiac emergencies in infants and children.  This class is perfect for child-care workers. 

About Us


Leihoku Group specializes in delivering high-quality on-site safety training programs & seminars for your employees that meets OSHA regulations. We will help you become OSHA compliant, save you money, reduce injures, and create a safe workplace.  We offer training classes in almost every OSHA topic, specializing in OSHA General Industry Safety, Forklift, and FirstAid/CPR/AED.  We  utilize the latest teaching techniques and audio visual aids to deliver needed information to your workers that is engaging and pertinent to your operations.

Leihoku Group also provides compliance audits which can alert your firm of certain shortcomings that OSHA would have cited.  We can then develop programs that will help you comply with applicable OSHA standards.

Please call us at 808.216-4432 for an appointment or email us at dean@leihokugroup.com for a brochure.


 OSHA Training

OSHA standards require employee training.  We have considerable experience in this area and can conduct OSHA training at your workplace, on any shift.

OSHA 10hr General Industry(10 hours)
This course is ideal for supervisors with safety and health responsibilities, and for employee safety and health awareness.  Students will be introduced to OSHA policies, procedures and standards was well as general industry safety and health principles cover in OSHA ACT Part 1910.  Special emphasis will be placed on areas most hazardous using OSHA standards as a guide. 

OSHA 30hr General Industry(30hrs)
This course is a comprehensive safety program designed for anyone involved in general industry.  Specifically devised for safety directors, foremen, and field supervisors; the program provides complete information on OSHA compliance issues.  OSHA recommends Outreach Training Programs as an orientation to occupational safety and health for workers covered by OSHA 29 CFR 1910.  General industry workers must receive additional training, when required by OSHA standards, on specific hazards of the job.

OSHA Record Keeping Guidelines(3 hours)
OSHA REcord Keeping is one of the most frequently cited issues in an OSHA visit.  This three-hour seminar will help you understand what must be done to comply with OSHA"s Record Keeping Regulations found in 29 CRF 1904.  Topics include:

If you are interested in other training, please visit our network partner www.training-classes.com. 


 OSHA Compliance Assistance

OSHA regulations are like being in a maze, where the right course of action is very uncertain.  Reading and understanding OSHA regulations can be a challenge.  Determining exactly what is required and how to comply can lead to guess work and mistakes.

Leihoku Group can help take the guesswork out of complying with OSHA regulations.  Our compliance audits will alert firms of over cites that OSHA would have cited.  We will conduct a physical inspection of the facilitates and note any recognized OSHA violations.  The audit will include a review of your existing OSHA compliance programs.  We will check your OSHA policies, procedures, and written programs for compliance with each applicable OSHA standard.  The result of our audit will be a checklist of potential programs and specific guidelines for meeting your OSHA compliance needs. 

Leihoku Group can develop a program that can be used as your guide that explains how your firm will comply with each applicable OSHA standard.  Many of OSHA's regulations require a written program that services this purpose.  We produce custom tailored OSHA compliance programs for each OSHA regulation.